I LOVE JAPAN / Bookproject

1000 books to the children in Japan!

We are a team of 24 international designers and artists who created a activity and colouring book for the children of Fukushima Province – to put a little smile on their face. On the 11th of March it will be a year since the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. And rather just money, we want to give something which truly comes from our hearts: a book to be creative with, to draw in, to cut out, to colour in or to simply enjoy.

1.000 copies of this creative book with 48 pages will be donated to children of Japan who were affected by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. To cover the costs 1.000 books will be sold to the public. For each sold book, we send one to a child in Japan! The idea is simple: 24 designers and artists have donated two pages to this book. This way we have created a children’s book of 48 pages of various artistic styles. The work and unique style of all artists and designers make this book truly diverse and creative – which makes it interesting for bigger people, too! The book is ready for distribution since beginning of March. One book costs HK$ 100.- / 10.- €. This is a non profit project and all money raised will go into covering the expenses for the books sent to Japan.
This project was initiated by Liina Klauss (www.liinaklauss.blogspot.com) and her partner Anna Dabrowski (www.anna-dabrowski.com)

About my contribution

“When Liina contacted me and told me about her idea to make this book, i was immediately inspired to make a contribution. I was imagining the children in Japan and then thinking about myself: when i was a child i loved dressing up and playing a character. Sometimes a mask is enough to start a play and then imagination will do the rest. For the ‘I love Japan’ book I made a link to the Japanese culture by taking my inspiration from the faces of the ‘Kabuki’ theater, as well as from my own memories and my love to Japan.”


photos taken by Hirohito Okayasu

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