INDEPENDENT PHOTOGRAPHY / Iceland Project – Exhibition


‘HEAVEN CAN WAIT’ is the titel of a photographic series that i did during the summer of 2003. I traveled four weeks through parts of iceland, carrying a foldable door with me. In the past i had been drawing landscapes with exit-doors in them. This serie of drawings should then find a new expression and reality through photography in Iceland.
Befor i went on the journey i took a picture of my own front door and prepared the image for a print on fabric. In Iceland i was looking for unusual and bizarre landscapes, where i would unfold the door and take a picture with automatic exposure.
One unusual encounter was being invited onto the original ‘Rainbow warrior’, the famous sailing ship of the inner Greenpeace core, wich was onshore.
Another pictures shows a breakfast with the Berlin artist ‘Nomad’ and the icelandic Artist ‘Sara Riel’, which i accompanied in Iceland.
The pictures that i took in Iceland were later printed again on large fabrics. This time the fabrics had transparant and fluent quality, to create a feeling of a membrane. In this form they where exhibited
in the Exhibition ‘Transport’ in Berlin.


Exhibition ‘Transport’ at Weissenseer Freitag, Berlin 2004

transport is one of the few things where an artist has to think practical, usually it is the last step after the artists work has been completed.
If art has any social intentions, then the transportability of art should play just as an important role as what it intents to express. Every artist should already consider during his creation process, how his work can be transported later. In this case TRANSPORT could be seen as a symbol for professional art. TRANSPORT ist the titel of our exhibition and its concept. The idea is to create a travelling exhibition which is economical by using new media, like video and projected animations.
Further we show photography printed on textile, wallpainting and sculptures. But the concept is not only being economical. The artworks are also literally interpreting and expressing TRANSPORT. For example, (…) C. Ehrmann’s photo images and her concept of presentation let things, which are naturally bound to one place, literally and physically become transportable. (…)

text by Dorothee Dupuis

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