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What is surely the world’s most remote art gallery is located in a small lighthouse on the windswept northwestern tip of Iceland. Known as Galtarviti, it can only be reached by boat or a four-hour hike across a mountain range that locals say is the home of elves and trolls… (Article / Project M)

Published by PROJECT M in June 2013 in NEW PERSPECTIVES, Article, Images and Video by Coletta Ehrmann
Published by PROJECT M PRINT MAGAZINE 14/2013 #14 Mind the gap, Article, Images by Coletta Ehrmann



Where nature and culture meet
Solitude, the risk of failure and …

… exposure to the force of nature …

… are not an issue for Ólafur Jónasson.

Having bought the small lighthouse Galtarviti in the Northwest of Iceland 12 years ago, …

… the freelance stage designer successfully turned it into a cultural destination.








The Mississippi Blues Trail is a project of the Mississippi Blues Commission. It establishes signs. In them the story of blues musicians or important places of the Mississippi Blues is told. Particularly the Mississippi Delta, was the origin of more important blues musicians as from the remaining southern states.
One explanation for the origin of the “blues” is that it derived from mysticism involving blue indigo, which was used by many West African cultures in death and mourning ceremonies where all the mourner’s garments would have been dyed blue to indicate suffering.This mystical association towards the indigo plant, grown in many southern U.S. slave plantations, combined with the West African slaves who sang of their suffering as they worked on the cotton that the indigo dyed eventually resulted in these expressed songs being known as “the Blues.”
The term may also have come from the term “blue devils”, meaning melancholy and sadness. In lyrics the phrase is often used to describe a depressed mood. (Wikipedia)

In 2011 i spent a few weeks in a small town called Mccomb, through which the Mississippi Blues Trail runs. I had the chance to get impressions of the people living there, apart from the touristic routs of the historical Blues Trail.I found strong christian communities and families living seemingly detached or separated from modern society, in poverty. Having little chances for education, healthcare and social advancement. Struggling crime and drug abuse in opposition facing private prisons. My impressions shall show the present and the history of the people living along the blues trail.


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